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The Collection

Have you completed your collection of Jamie Mayes' works? Click on the link and order your copies today!​

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Tear Stained Dresses & Dusty Shoes


Tear Stained Dresses & Dusty Shoes is a collection of works by author and poet Jamie Mayes based on her experiences during her journey to womanhood. Using writing as a hobby, the author composes poems that span from her late teen years to her early adult life. As she experiences the struggle of living in poverty, the trials of being a teenager, and the growing pains of being a woman, Jamie uses her writing ability to expound upon the entanglements of the modern world. 


Pennies In My Pocket


Jamie Mayes returns to the notebook with more new and powerful materials. Feeling socially and emotionally charged, Jamie composes more than 150 new pieces as she embraces womanhood, entering a new decade of life, and lessons learned about society. ​

Pennies In My Pocket reminds readers that life is about how one handles opposition and uses it in life.

Pennies In My Pocket CD- OUT OF STOCK

Ten hot tracks have been selected from the Pennies In My Pocket collection and produced on a poetry CD for your listening pleasure. With the talent of producer Steven Burrell out of Monroe, Louisiana, Jamie turns reading pleasure into listening pleasure during this intense audio experience.

Readers who love Pennies In My Pocket the book will love the Pennies In My Pocket 10 track CD, too!

Bitter Lemons, Sweet Lemonade

ISBN: 978-1-7347159-2-7

Author Jamie Mayes dives into short story writing in her new collection about women. Bitter Lemons, Sweet Lemonade tells the stories about the lives of everyday women. This page-turning reading experience is one nobody can afford to miss!


ISBN: 978-1-7347159-1-0

Jamie Mayes is back with her newest collection of poetry. As Jamie prepares to enter motherhood, she discovers a wider meaning to the word Expecting. In this work, she reflects on these meanings, the benefits and obstacles of waiting, and the product of her experience. You will not put this page-turner down.

Blood is Supposed to be Thicker

ISBN: 978-1-7347159-3-4

After much anticipation, Jamie Mayes releases her first novel, a gripping page-turner about two sisters whose relationship is tested. Kesha realizes that the woman she hoped her sister would become is never going to happen. Even more troubling, Kesha realizes that her sister, Monica, is far more sinister than she imagined. When reality stares Kesha in the face, she has to decide whether blood is really thicker than water.

The Mommy & Me Cookbook

ISBN: 978-0-578-51273-0

Family time is important to Jamie and Lee. With such a demanding schedule, it can sometimes be a challenge to have a mommy and son day out. In The Mommy & Me Cookbook, Jamie and Lee share one of their favorite at-home activities - cooking! Jamie uses her love for cooking to bond with Lee and teach lessons about measuring, counting, and being responsible. Lee enjoys helping his mom create new recipes and being the "taste tester" for good food! The two decided to compile their favorite southern recipes to share with other families. With recipes such as "Yes Ma'am Yams" and "Lee's Lemon Tea", you are sure to find a recipe that will become a family favorite, too!


ISBN: 978-1-7347159-0-3

This novel is an exploration of race and relationships in the 21st century. The author explores the hidden practices of a small country when high school friends Madyson and Ben decide to take a road trip. A wrong turn on a back road in Louisiana turns a fun journey into a nightmare they were not prepared for. However, it forces Madyson to re-examine life and her priorities in order to survive. Brad and Grace have been able to teach their bi-racial children to be the example of colorless love in their community, but when their children are faced with their own racial experience, it is a serious awakening for the entire family. Brad and Grace wrestle with the realization that they have not prepared their children for the inevitable- a cruel world. Their marriage is tested when Grace and Brad are forced to deal with the role that race plays in their own relationship and their daily lives. Fate brings the paths of Madyson, Grace, Brad, and their children together, and they must right the wrongs of society right in their own back yard.

Book Bundle A-The Complete Collection ($78)
Book Bundle B-The Fiction Collection ($33)
Book Bundle C-The Poetry Collection ($35)
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