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Jamie Mayes Educational Consulting & Literacy Services, LLC.

In 2018, Jamie Mayes put her faith over her fears and launched Jamie Mayes Educational Consulting & Literacy Services, LLC. Jamie has expanded her resources and services to meet the needs of the educational community. Jamie offers a wealth of services that support education, personal and professional development, and learners of all ages. Thus, the company has four core focuses: 

  • Educator wellness, support, and empowerment
  • Bridging the gap between parents, educators, school districts, businesses and the community
  • Social-emotional learning, student-centered instruction, and literacy intervention

  • Cultural, educational, and creative writing

 The mission of Jamie Mayes Educational Consulting & Literacy Services is to empower, inspire, and uplift humanity. Jamie believes literacy and meaningful conversation are the keys to knowledge and independence; thus, she seeks to equip individuals with the necessary tools and skills to fulfill their purpose and live joyfully. 

"The true quality of work is determined by the level of intellectual thinking it invokes upon audiences." -J. Mayes


Jamie's commitment to sharing messages of hope and education inspires her to lead meaningful conversations and discussions. Check out some of the topics she has discussed :

  • DEI/ racial healing discussion/ workshops

  • Professional development/ relationship development for schools/organizations/ businesses

  • Effective strategies for communicating, networking, and building relationships

  • Literacy/ creative writing workshops for youth & adults

  • Literary lectures/ panels/ keynote speaking/ spoken word & poetry performance

"The more I share my story, the more thankful I am that I have been blessed with a gift. " -J. Mayes

Jamie's work has been highlighted across several media outlets, establishing her as a well-respected author and speaker. Her features include: 

Check out JMEC's Capability Profile!

Check out her media kit! Jamie Mayes Media Kit

Client Testimonials

Ms. Mayes is an absolute God Sent! When my son started having trouble in ELA, I reached out to her for tutoring for him. From the beginning, she accessed his strengths and weaknesses all while building his confidence in his ability in himself. It was truly amazing to witness. He soon excelled in ELA with her incredible help. Naturally when my daughter started to have trouble, we again seeked her talents and soon she was excelling as well. Not only did her techniques helped them at that time, but as well as further  along in their educational journey. 
-Tramelra J. 
Working with Jamie is like working with no other! Her expertise and knowledge about the writing process combined with her personal brilliance as a creative writer makes working with her a life-changing experience for beginning or aspiring authors. Her coaching and feedback during the editing stage for my manuscripts were insightful, encouraging, and most of all made my writing better!!! I am so appreciative of Jamie's assistance on all my projects and can't wait to work with her again in the future!
-Salandra G.
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